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OffaI discovered the Alexander Technique when looking for help to manage chronic neck pain following a whiplash injury. My initial lessons were as part of a group who followed a 10 week introduction to the Technique. I must admit to not having that ‘light-bulb moment’ that so many people have in their first lesson, however, over the weeks my understanding began to develop and after the last session of the course I left the room moving with easier movement than I could ever remember having and my neck was more or less pain free.

Unsurprisingly old habits kicked in pretty soon, but I’d had a taste of something I knew I wanted more of. So, I started taking regular individual lessons and very soon I saw how helpful this could be in all areas of my life, and especially my piano teaching. This inspired me to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and I completed my three year full time training at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training. Many positive changes ensued, not the least of which was my neck pain easing to a point where I now have a normal quality of life.

AT hands onI have seen the Alexander Technique help so many people in many different ways. Not just in improving physical well-being and performance in a wide range of disciplines, but also in improving confidence and presentation skills, and reducing stress.

I offer individual lessons, workshops and group classes in any environment – from education to the workplace.

I am a fully accredited and insured member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and I also have a DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificate for working with children.

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The Alexander Technique has a proven track-record for helping people with back pain. Here are two short videos illustrating the results of an article published in 2008 in The British Medical Journal: