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The Alexander Technique is an educational method which teaches you how to find mental and physical balance in your life. In fact, you learn how to apply the principles for yourself, so you can see how to move your body ergonomically and mindfully with as little tension and effort as possible, whatever activity you are doing. So, whether your natural habitat is sitting in front of a computer, taking part in sporting activities, or cooking, it has the potential to improve your performance.

Take a look at this short video which gives you some ideas on how to sit at the computer more mindfully:

Frederick Matthias Alexander, who developed the Technique back in the 1890s to solve a problem he developed with his voice, said that it affects every area of all our lives, whatever we do. The discoveries he made were way ahead of his time, and it is only as medical and scientific research have developed that it has become possible to understand how his unique approach to health and performance works.

Caption here
A diagram showing how, as the head tilts forwards the pressure on the spine increases – making Alexander’s discovery of the negative effects of the head being out of balance with the body even more relevant today

Alexander Today
The Alexander Technique is now used by people in many walks of life, and its benefits are especially evident in the health, performance, education and business sectors:

  • It is recommended by the NHS for back pain and other musculo-skeletal problems.
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) advise that “The Alexander Technique may be offered to benefit people with PD [Parkinson’s Disease] by helping them to make lifestyle adjustments that affect both the physical nature of the condition and the person’s attitudes to having PD.”
  • Its benefits for improving the well-being and performance of employees is acknowledged by many businesses, with companies such as Google, the BBC and BMW introducing it to their staff. In fact, the Swiss Army Knife Manufacturer, Victorinox brought the Technique into their workplace in 2002 and within 5 years their absenteeism from sickness and workplace injury had dropped by 42% which they directly attributed to the Alexander Technique. They now have a team of 4 teachers who work on a weekly basis with their employees.
  • It is also taught in leading music and acting schools in this country and throughout the world, and is gradually becoming embedded in many areas of education.

Here is a 7 minute video about how the Alexander Technique has been introduced into education:

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